Creative Solutions

Blending a good whisky is a form of art we do not pretend to possess. 1923 Creative Agency however is a blend of Thomas & Ansgar Speller, blended in marriage and our shared creativity. Hands on and practical, camera in one hand, pen and paper in the other, passionate about what we do and willing to share our passions with the world.

As a unique team, 1923 Creative Agency can provide you and your company a wide range of creative solutions when it comes to product photography, communication, marketing, social media, promotional activities or assisting at different types of online and offline events. Whatever your heart’s desire, let us know through and we will contact you with a solution.

Photography services

Put your product in a spotlight for your website, have it stand out between your competitions’ product on the various social media channels or have a magazine that wants your advertisement printed. For the quality picture, from lifestyle to on a white background, for any medium, 1923 Creative Agency is here to help.

Drop us an email at to get in touch about the possibilities we have to offer. On the portfolio page you can see some examples of our work with different objects and materials.

Communication services

We understand that texts for websites, brochures or social media channels are often limited in space, or need special attention, specified to the medium. 1923 Creative Agency is specialised in distilled spirits articles and tasting notes, but we are flexible and can tell your audience something about the latest gadgets or your recently finished sculpture, or simply have a look at the text you wrote about your artisan cheese and redefine it for any specific medium. Whether or not we include a custom made picture of your product is up to you. Just write us a quick note about your wishes at to see what we can do for you.

Marketing services

So, you have this event planned, but now you are stuck with your marketing, live broadcast productions, social media or promotional activities. Sounds familiar, and we have dealt with most of your issues before. 1923 Creative Agency can assist you in all stages from the initial planning and organising to the final execution of your event. Feel free to contact us at for more information.